"Fashion is always a statement", says Patricia Riekel, editor-in-chief of "Bunte." And in order for this statement to stand for the right style, trousers for every occasion should not be missing in any wardrobe - this applies to women as well as men. Whatever you like in terms of style, cut and material is allowed: jeans, chino, denim or shorts for the summer.

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Trousers - suitable for simply every occasion

With the right trousers you are dressed for really every occasion. Because no matter whether it's an elegant trouser suit or casual jeans in a casual look: the right accessories, shoes, shirts or blouses give the trousers the right look for every occasion. You are already festively dressed in evening wear or in a cool business look, because trousers are versatile companions. If you value high quality fashion, then Vintage is the right choice for you. Because on this portal you will find designer fashion:

  • Cheap and reduced or second hand
  • From leading brand manufacturers
  • From exclusive collections

Friends of style and fashion swear by vintage, because this is how to give your wardrobe a very personal touch: trousers from limited editions or collections that are already sold out are thus within reach. In addition, designer fashion in this vintage shop is especially affordable, because the price calculator guides you to the best offer in the shop. Compare the prices and find your pants from big names and hip designers that will be the highlight of your outfit.

Trousers - the all-rounder among the designer pieces

Trousers are more than just a piece of clothing, they are an indispensable part of any wardrobe. This is where undreamt-of possibilities lie behind pure fashion: depending on the styling, a constantly new yet always fitting look is possible: a noble designer piece becomes a festive evening dress with matching jewellery and chic shoes, but the business look is also possible with a blouse and pumps. In leisure time, jeans are always suitable, especially when they are in trendy design by hip fashion designers. Thus, a pair of trousers can be re-styled many times over and can be spiced up trendy again and again. Vintage is the magic word in this context, because in a second hand shop you can find designer pieces online that not everyone has. After all, fashion is not just clothing, but a matter of style. And with well-known brands, not only the style is right, but also comfort, quality and cut. With vintage designer fashion, exclusive pieces become affordable for everyone  and unique. Because already sold-out trousers from past, hip collections are small treasures. Style your outfit individually and set yourself apart by reaching for cheaper designer fashion - because vintage is the new trend.


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