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"Today, fashion is no longer just for the rich, it is for everyone," says fashion designer Michael Michalsky. In addition, you can say that you don't have to be rich to wear great designer fashion. Discover second hand fashion from our partner shop Vestiaire Collective and buy fashion from the world's top designers. Which woman would like to do without it ?!

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PRELUV and Vestiaire Collective - Take advantage of this interaction

High quality shoes, bags from Chanel or eye-catching accessories - the choice is yours! Order articles from brands and top designers like Miu Miu or Prada for a small price, comfortably from the sofa - don't you think ?! Then browse through our shop and convince yourself of the opposite. At Vestiaire Collective, fashion-conscious women have the opportunity to buy great it peaces and to sell them themselves.

Use our service and the numerous advantages that the cooperation between PRELUV and Vestiaire Collective bring with it. You will be amazed - shopping has never been so easy - and that makes you happy!

  • Designer fashion, vintage, second hand and premium items for the small €
  • Out-of-fashion fashion from top designers
  • Interesting information and pictures
  • Reduced items on sale
  • Simple order processing and fast, insured shipping
  • Detailed size charts
  • Gucci, Prada, Chanel - all popular brands at a glance!
  • Shoes, jeans, dresses, bags or accessories;
  • Multicolor, brown, black or white - there is really nothing that is not here!

Vintage luxury fashion, bags, shoes and accessories from top designers at a fair price

In 2016, vintage and second hand are still important elements in fashion. Vintage and designer fashion is an absolute must-have in the beloved wardrobe for most women. Luxury fashion from top designers for the small € - impossible, you think ?! That's not true! At PRELUV and Vestiaire Collective you finally have the chance to get the much sought after designer parts. Bags from Chanel, shoes from great brands and high-quality accessories - you can bag them all for just a few euros. And so shopping is fun! Who would want to spend tons of money if you can get the great original designer fashion cheaper ?! And nobody can see it in the urban jungle of fashionistas!

"Fashion is like second skin"

This quote can only come from the popular fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmar. He loves to create great looks and we do that too, or ladies ?! High-quality luxury fashion is inspiring and gives us a touch of grace. With Designer Second Hand Fashion from you are not only buying fashion, but also a new way of life - enjoy it!

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