“When nothing works, a clutch always works.” Designer Guido Maria Kretschmer is right. And nothing works without a bag in a woman's wardrobe. No accessory is as popular in the vintage fashion segment as handbags, shoulder bags, luggage and more from collections that have long been out of stock. We have them here. So that something always works for you.

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As much service as it fits in a handbag

If you tidy up your handbag, you will almost always encounter the same mystery every time: so much content fits in a small bag. How this works will always be and remain a secret of the bag designer and the wearer. We use this fact for a suitable comparison - because as much as you can put in your bag, we offer you so much service for the perfect vintage bag shopping experience.

  • All coveted brands, designers and collections combined on one platform.
  • Exact data on release date, processed materials and vintage level of the bag.
  • Photos including detailed photos and detailed descriptions of the selected second hand models.
  • Practical price comparison across online shops: On PRELUV you can find many bags of a model with a click to compare with the promise of authenticity from the partner shops - and thus find the best price for you.
  • Legally regulated return guarantee if not satisfied.

PRELUV loves vintage bags. And PRELUV loves your love for handbags. The perfect combination for your special individual outfit.

I have no hand free, I carry my bags

Ashton Kutcher once said aptly that as a man you can see what a Birkin Bag means when you buy one - by looking at the price tag. An entertaining, yet very mundane approach to the mystery handbag for fashionistas.

In online shops, second hand shops and on our vintage fashion platform, the value of a handbag is measured in completely different categories: in style, in the limited colour, the special leather, the applications and of course the brand, the designer and the stars who own it also wear. Or first make what they are: actress and Monaco Princess Grace Kelly made the Sac à dépêches from Hermès the Kelly Bag. And an immortal icon made of leather and craftsmanship was born, which we still all want to have on our arm. The same applies to Louis Vuitton's luggage, from the suitcase to the make-up set. If we see Lady Gaga through the world on the Internet, we click directly for the shopping options of these special bags. At PRELUV we have all bag stars on sale, from tote bags to shoppers, wallets to backpacks and of course handbags, clutches and evening bags for the perfect accessory for carrying around the world.


Our guides: how to recognize original bags

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