There is no woman without a handbag. In the office, while shopping, for a restaurant visit or just for a walk. The handbag that matches the outfit is always with you. This accessory, which combines design with function, is often an absolute favorite that is carefully chosen. And that woman was first seen on the arm of stars, fell in love and then shop as a vintage model.

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Treat yourself to the handbag of your dreams - our service is a dream

Online shopping is a cross-season trend, especially in the vintage fashion segment. But when actually surfing comfortably from the sofa, switching between different pages, the time-consuming comparison of providers, prices and offers is relatively time-consuming - PRELUV simplifies this search and also saves you money. Because here you will find all the important online shops for second hand fashion - designer fashion, top brands and cheap bargains - on one platform. You benefit from:

  • All currently available handbags of your desired model at a glance and on one page for direct quality and price comparison
  • Precise information on product, size, vintage level, price and many photos at a click
  • Purchase directly from certified online shops including all data and buyer protection regulations
  • Right of return guaranteed within 14 working days after receipt of the goods to the selling partner shop

PRELUV loves vintage handbags. PRELUV loves women who cannot do without handbags. And you can't do without PRELUV for your new handbag.

The top 3 trends in vintage handbags

As with individual vintage fashion tastes, a principle applies to handbags: anything that pleases is allowed. More specifically, and important when it comes to inspiration before shopping online for the new It Bag: what the stars like is allowed. Or has fallen many decades ago. They are called "Classy Bags" for short. They are presented in classic colors, often muted tones such as black, brown or nude, and have had an unchanged cut for many years with small, discreet and high-quality details and only made from the best types of leather or with special editions also other materials. Always the right choice. If you like it more eye-catching, go for animal prints that bring the look of snakeskin, crocodile and of course big cat patterns in eye-catching color combinations or army green-brown to your pocket. A trendy bag, which of course suits the casual look rather than the big evening gown. Or just as a break in style? Is allowed ... exactly what you like. Just as with the fringe bags inspired by the ethnic look, which were popular in the 1970s, then disappeared and have been celebrating a major revival as second-hand treasures in vintage shops worldwide for some time. The perfect accompaniment to the hippie look of modern times or to the deliberate change in style. You have the choice - PRELUV has the vintage selection at top prices and in top quality.

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