There is hardly an accessory for the items of our everyday life on the road that is experiencing such a revival as the backpack: for a long time frowned upon as a pure utility or even an outdoor accessory, the women's backpack is now absolutely in vogue again. Rightly so, because fine straps, fine leather and delicate designs make it a handbag for the back - with one big advantage: you have your hands free.

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You travel around the world with vintage luggage - we offer service as far as the eye can see

Pictures say more than a thousand words - this only applies to a limited extent when choosing the right travel bag. And that's why at PRELUV we rely on the combination of meaningful pictures and a detailed description of vintage luggage: This way you can see and read directly whether the piece meets your requirements. And even more: You can compare prices at a glance and thus directly choose your favorite. The PRELUV service advantages at a glance:

  • From Alexander McQueen to Chanel, MCM or Tom Ford - at PRELUV you will find all top designers combined with their vintage pieces - you only search on one page and you will find numerous suppliers directly.
  • We will inform you directly about the vintage level of the selected piece - and if you have any questions, please contact the service teams of our partner shops.
  • Without searching for a long time you will find the best prices. This not only saves you money in the sale, but also a lot of time. And brings joy.
  • Our partner shops offer certified security: for data protection, insured delivery and, of course, the legally regulated right of return for you.

PRELUV travels with vintage luggage. And loves to travel. Explore the world of vintage fashion with PRELUV.

From street wear to an elegant accessory

The development of the backpack from a purely useful object - the laptop backpack is only mentioned here as an example - to an absolute IT accessory for fashionistas and fashion-conscious women is almost typical for the development of many fashion trends:

Young fashion, street wear, street culture, inspired by hip hop, action sports and the like originally brought the backpack back on the back of trendsetters in cool designs. Because it is and remains simply practical: wallet, documents, make-up set, even a small snack, a bottle of water or a healthy smoothie, everything fits wonderfully and invisibly into a designer backpack. It did not take long before the fashion designers of the big brands such as Alexander Wang, Chanel, Escada, Gianni Versace, Louis Vuitton or the like also began to bring their characteristic designs and logos in the form of a backpack. Often the first sales only took place in the online shops ... as an attempt before the bag for the back also came to the flagship stores on the magnificent boulevards. With success - because designer backpacks are now a big hit online. And vintage backpacks have what connects street wear and high fashion: the certain patina that defines the true style.

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