Set impressive accents with the right vest: As a companion for every season and for almost every occasion you are not only well dressed with a loosely worn vest, it also brings your figure "in shape"! We offer you a wide range of vintage vests as designer fashion. So you are sure to find your perfect companion with us.

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Vests - versatile, dressable and practical

Vests are worn by ladies, gentlemen and children. Whether for sports, at home on the couch, at meetings with friends or at work: a vest is an ideal addition to the outfit. With the help of our vintage vests you will cut a good figure on almost every occasion. In addition, our vests keep you wonderfully warm and yet you won't break a sweat so quickly with these fashionable companions.

Our service for you

Whether you are looking for vests or any other product: our service is always happy to provide you with expert assistance. If you have any questions or suggestions, simply contact us and we will help you as soon as possible. If you are interested in news in the field of vests and our other articles, you can subscribe to our newsletter, which is packed with fashionable news from the vintage sector. Try out not only our vests but also our service: You will surely be convinced of both.

One vest - many options

With us you will find second hand vests in high quality. So we offer you the possibility to buy very good articles at a price which is clearly reduced. Therefore it is easy to increase the equipment of your wardrobe with trendy vests. You can combine vests with the most diverse items of clothing. Wear them not only with jeans or other trousers, but also with blouses, shirts, dresses and skirts. Waistcoats are absolute basics that are an integral part of fashion. They can even be worn under a jacket and thus complete many an outfit. Likewise, different shoes go wonderfully with the all-rounders. Whether with high heels or sneakers: if the outfit is rounded off with a vest, you are guaranteed to make a stunning appearance.

Simply order online

We offer our vintage vests at a price that is very reasonable. So you can for example choose between several models without straining your wallet. It is always worthwhile to have a look at our sale, because there you will find vests which are reduced in price. Buy and still save: with us this is easily possible.


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