The coolest products from designer Marc Jacobs

"Life is a fashion show, the world of the catwalk", says the great designer Marc Jacobs. In order to walk the very personal catwalk and present a style that is as distinctive as she is, of course, you need not only designer fashion, but also bags, jewelry and accessories - preferably as stylish as from Marc Jacobs.

Vintage is the new style

If you are looking for handbags, jewels, scarves and everything that goes with it, you should click through the offer of PRELUV, the online shop for designer fashion vintage and second hand. Because here you will find everything from luxury labels such as Marc Jacobs with the special touch of vintage, which is inimitably cool and casual. Vintage is not only chic, but also cheap, because here, too, designers and Marc Jacobs can save one or two euros. PRELUV offers you:

  • Unique items from the 2016 collection are on sale
  • Vintage collectibles from previous collections
  • High quality designer fashion cheap second hand
  • Individual fashion for the small € in the shopping cart

Simply register, click and buy high-quality designer fashion. High data protection is of course guaranteed. In order to be able to order the right article, functions such as the automatic price comparison, the size table and detailed article descriptions provide you with all the information that will lead you to your new favorite outfit or to find special gifts.

Style in every situation

From New York, Marc Jacobs conquered the world's fashion capitals with his distinctive design. This fashion is not just about haute couture, which populates the catwalks of the fashion world, but above all about fashion ready to wear, which simply cuts a good figure on every occasion. Classic, elegant or with elaborate details: at Marc Jacobs, every fashion fan will find what they are looking for and can create their own individual look. The luxury label relies on a special mix of eye-catching prints with classic basics, so that there are always new combinations, depending on the individual style.

Focus on the accessory

The New York luxury brand not only focuses on clothing, but also has a special focus on handbags, sunglasses, watches and Co. Your own beauty line with high-quality cosmetics should not be missing. Marc Jacobs completes every wardrobe with selected designer pieces and always provides a special eye-catcher. Because whether business or casual wear with sneakers, a piece from this design collection enhances every look. Of course you can find out about new trends in the world of Marc Jacobs on Facebook and Co. and always keep up with the times when it comes to fashion, style and fashion.

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