The most beautiful products from the French luxury label Louis Vuitton

"It took years to understand what's so special about Louis Vuitton," said great designer Marc Jacobs. But now every design fan is caught by the magic of the timeless and exclusive, which distinguishes the bags with the famous monogram. From bag to clutch - always a wonderful bag by Louis Vuitton.

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Vintage bags - simply cult

If you are looking for a chic part of Louis Vuitton, take a look at the offer at PRELUV, the online shop for vintage and second hand. Because especially in the field of designer fashion, wonderful pieces can be found here, which have long been sought in vain in retail. Search, click and order your personal Louis Vuitton must-have quickly and easily, taking advantage of vintage and second hand.

  • Unique pieces from the 2016 collection
  • Inexpensive and reduced on sale
  • High quality designer pieces second hand
  • Vintage and individual collectible parts

With PRELUV you will find the fashion, accessories and bags that just not everyone has and that fit your style perfectly. Features such as the automatic price comparison and precise article descriptions help you to find exactly the right thing for your wardrobe. Treat yourself to your favorite piece by Louis Vuitton and enjoy the flair of the exclusive that clings to bags, handbags and clutches.

Louis Vuitton - everything else is just bags

The bags with the famous monogram are not only cult in 2016. The luxury label has been delivering leather goods of the highest quality and best design for more than 150 years. The focus is not only on classic, elegant accessories, but also on a look that is sometimes classic, sometimes trendy and offers something for every style. All pieces are ennobled by the monogram, which looks like an icon of great design. Louis Vuitton is simply more than just a label, an absolute statement in terms of style.

Classic, noble, trendy

When you think of Louis Vuitton, you are immediately at the classic handbags that conquer the fashion metropolises from the flagship store in Paris to New York in fine leather and high-quality workmanship. The timeless Damier canvas bag also radiates a sophisticated look with refined sophistication. The classic Speedy is also an eye catcher and is immediately assigned to the luxury label, as is the characteristic Neverfull. However, the fantastic Epi Leather is the stuff that designer dreams are made of and keeps interesting details appearing on the bags. You can find out about the latest trends on Facebook, Twitter and Co. and be enchanted by the latest bag creations by video.

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