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“Some things are not absolutely necessary in life - but luxury. Nevertheless, a bit of luxury is absolutely necessary here and there in life. ”What the publicist Wilhelm Meurer says so laconically is for Gucci the motto and secret of success: How gladly women surround themselves with a touch of luxury, for fashion the lifeblood par excellence.

Gucci - the insider tip for vintage

If you want to do the same as the big fashion icons, Gucci is of course the first choice for you in 2016. Because the legendary bag, but also fashion, shoes and other accessories of the luxury label are simply part of a certain attitude to life. At PRELUV, the shop for designer fashion, you will find vintage and second-hand pieces by Gucci that emphasize your personal style. You can save a few € on each item.

  • Unique items from the 2016 collection are reduced in the sale
  • High quality cheap second hand
  • Vintage: designer pieces from past collections

So you have all the advantages on your side if you are looking for your personal must-have from Gucci. So you bring the clothing of the fashion metropolises between New York and Milan to your home, because a few parts from Gucci belong in every wardrobe. PRELUV offers you the perfect service thanks to the automatic price comparison, detailed article descriptions, size table and of course high data protection. Shop designer fashion and enrich your style with Gucci.

Gucci for a touch of luxury

When you think of luxury fashion accessories, you're automatically at a certain name: Gucci. Originally intended as a manufacturer of leather goods from the field of equestrian sports, the label soon also brought high-quality bags, pumps and many other fashion accessories to the store, not to forget the high-quality fashion lines for women and men. The luxury label set itself apart from other brands in that the emblem on the bag is almost an icon for the special look. Gucci is not just a brand, but a synonym for luxury and style.

Fashion, beauty and perfume

Under the leadership of the chief designer Alessandro Michele, Gucci continues to steer the luxury fashion fairway. Not only haute couture can be found at Gucci, but everything from jeans to business to evening wear that could be interesting for the fashion fan. The pre shows show again and again how luxury fashion fits into the life of every fashionista and makes it indispensable. But also Gucci cosmetics and perfume should not be missing and round off the overall package. Of course, you can always stay close to the news close to the world of Gucci via Facebook and Co.

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