The most beautiful products from the luxury label Hermès

"Shopping is my cardiovascular training," said Carrie Bradshaw, the great fashion heroine from Sex and the City. For this special kind of training, women need one thing above all: the perfect bag. Hermès is the best alternative in this segment because with its handbags in every format, the label provides the perfect companion.

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Vintage or second hand: Hermès for everyone

If you are interested in bags, scarves, sunglasses and much more from Hermès, PRELUV is the right place for you, because here you will find everything from the world of the luxury label. Since Hermès is a traditional brand and can look back on several decades of fashion, it is particularly worthwhile to click through the vintage and second-hand section. Because many bags like the famous Birkin Bag or Kelly Bag, but also the legendary Hermès scarves from past collections already have cult status. The vintage look is just right. But you can also find designer fashion from the 2016 collection at PRELUV if you want to get unique items at a reduced price from the sale. Thanks to newsletters and clever features, you won't miss a must-have:

  • Price comparison for the best offers
  • Size chart for a perfect fit
  • Item description with all details.

So you can find the Hermès accessory, from bags to jewelry and shoes to a wallet that optimally underlines your personal look.

Hermès - traditional luxury goods

The company made a name for itself in the area of upscale leather bags and suitcases from the beginning of 1837, which has been perfected over time. Hermès was able to profile itself early on as a supplier to the European aristocracy and soon made its leather goods an object of desire not only in Germany with fashion enthusiasts. From Paris, the luxury accessories of the house conquer the fashion world and the catwalks of the metropolises are indispensable.

Handbags - cult accessories par excellence

Nothing in the area of accessories has a comparable status as handbags. Hermès certainly has a big part in this with the Kelly Bag and the Birkin Bag. Here you will find the three components that turn a bag into an It object: functionality, fantastic design and a large, sophisticated name. But it is not only the It-Bag that helps Hermès to soar to new heights, thanks to the luxury label the scarf is more than a fashion accessory. A Hermès scarf is a statement and stands for a very special kind of fashion, luxury and sophistication. You can find news and information about looks and trends not only in the store, but also on Facebook and Co., where you can get impressions of the world of Hermès at any time.

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