"I've always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit," says designer Michael Kors in a nutshell or exclamation point. Because accessories are anything but irrelevant for your individual fashion style and a pure addition, as the pure word meaning would suggest. Accessories spice up our outfits. And if these accessories are not "off the shelf" but from coveted vintage collections, then this exclamation mark will be particularly large.

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The bonus for your accessories: the PRELUV service

They have a permanent place in the cloakroom in our home - to be always ready to hand - and are also a perfect gift for fashionistas. Vintage accessories for the daily combination with second hand outfits and more. A nice side effect when shopping for accessories: the size of the clothes never plays a role, only style, color and brand or designer determine our decision to buy. PRELUV helps you with this decisive click with a range of services that is almost as large as our selection:

  • International accessory brands such as Acne, Céline, Chanel, Hermès, with the designs of the most formative designers - and also entry-level accessories at affordable prices.
  • Precise information on the vintage level of the accessories, materials, colors and patterns.
  • Often numerous photos including detailed pictures of the first impression, which is known to count.
  • Practical price comparison across many vintage fashion online shops - after your selection you buy directly from our partner shop and enjoy the proven service of the best second-hand shops on the Internet.
  • Return of the order if not satisfied or the like to the seller within 14 working days without giving any reason.

PRELUV loves vintage accessories. And PRELUV loves fashionistas who make an impression with fashionable accents. We'll set a fashionable exclamation point for you.

My hat, my sunglasses, my scarf

It depends on the view. At your own glance in the mirror. "Do these two almost identical shades match? Or should I rather put a color accent? ”And it depends on this look of the girlfriend or the stranger in the restaurant, train and co. "Does she really wear this watch? Isn't that a ...? Where did she get it from? ”Accessories, even more valuable if preloved and therefore vintage or second-hand, are the decisive fashion details for fashion perfectionists. Because dress clothes pure, but you will only be decorated by the small, added accessories. A coveted watch. The sunglasses, which not only serve to protect against UV radiation, but also give the wearer a special look indoors. Scarves that artfully warm around the neck and shoulder and also turn every basic T-shirt into an exciting top. Brands like Hermès made it to world fame with accessories - think of the silk scarves. Desired worldwide. Almost always out of print or almost unaffordable. But not at PRELUV, if you find the vintage accessories market united on one platform. An exclamation point in your shopping experience.

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