Design is the art of combining function with aesthetics. Although this quote comes from an unknown, it contains a lot of truth, especially if you think of shorts. Actually, they're just shorts for the warm weather. Yet shorts are so much more than just this pure function.

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Designer fashion: good, affordable and trendy

If you decide to upgrade your summer wardrobe with shorts from popular collections, this portal for vintage designer fashion is the place to be. Because vintage and second hand from this platform offers many advantages:

  • Trendy fashion at reasonable prices.
  • Second hand or reduced in sale.
  • Individual style that not everyone has.
  • Individual pieces and rarities to find at any time.
  • Trustworthy dealers.
  • Particularly favorable by the price comparison.

So if you want to buy shorts, shoes and accessories from the great fashion designers at a reasonable price, you have the ultimate choice here in the shop. Different styles, cuts, colors and patterns of shorts are to be examined in direct comparison, so that the perfect designer piece can be chosen. In addition to the look, there is of course the high quality, which is the be-all and end-all for the brand houses. So everything is just right in our online shop: design, quality and price.

Shorts - more than just short trouser

When the weather gets warmer, the clothes become shorter. Sure. But beyond this purely functional aspect, shorts offer very special fashion highlights, especially for women. Because these shorts reveal an immense range of cuts and designs. The material alone makes for summery variety: the style of denim is just as suitable as light cotton or functional microfibre. Depending on the cut, the effect is also different: Capri pants, whether of jeans or cotton, develop a completely different style than sexy hot pants, for example. And also short pants in a cargo look, here again preferably made of denim, can contribute to the casual style not only for men. Combined with appropriate shoes, jewellery, bags and jackets, you can always create new outfits with shorts and short jeans.

In a nutshell for every occasion.

This versatility has of course also been discovered by the major fashion brands, and they have created appealing designer shorts that add fashionable value to everyday life. Because suddenly, shorts can be worn in many ways, not only in everyday life, but with different looks for a wide range of occasions, even in professional life. Vintage designer pieces make it possible and bring a breath of fresh air into the wardrobe.


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