Find the classics and hottest products from designer Balenciaga

"What you wear yourself is modern. What others wear is modern", says the famous writer Oscar Wilde. He might have thought of Balenciaga. Because hardly a label like this knows how to give everyday casual wear that certain something in design that makes it a real eye-catcher. A touch of luxury for every occasion.

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Hip, exclusive, expressive: Vintage from Balenciaga

High quality materials and expressive design, that's what makes the Balenciaga collections so distinctive and unique. At PRELUV, the shop for high-quality vintage and second-hand fashion from major labels, you can find everything in a store to upgrade your wardrobe with fashion from Cristóbal Balenciaga. The right designer fashion for your very personal outfit is easy to order and buy online. Important features help you:

  • Automatic price comparison
  • Detailed size chart
  • Detailed information on all pieces

High quality second hand and a special exclusivity for vintage are guaranteed. Vintage from Balenciaga is more popular than ever. Because in this way you will not only find unique items from 2016 on sale, but also the haute couture of past collections by Balenciaga, which is no longer available in stores. Every outfit gets that very special, individual touch when it is refined with an exclusive designer piece from Balenciaga. So you can inexpensively gather the big designers from the fashion capitals New York and Paris in your closet.

Balenciaga: Not just sneakers, but luxury sneakers

Practical or stylish? At Cristóbal Balenciaga it is very clear: both! Because the light look of city and streetwear will be redefined here in 2016. At Balenciaga, of course, the focus is on quality, suitability for everyday use and the unusual design - of course the first priority. Because design should not only be used for special occasions, but simply always: as evening wear, in business and as casual wear. Balenciaga stands for this as a label like no other, because the design offers an inimitable look for every occasion.

When it comes to bags, shoes and accessories, Balenciaga sets new standards and combines practical with aesthetic features. The bags and sneakers are always well thought out and can withstand any practical test, but still exude the special flair of the large fashion design in your look. Simply take a feeling of great fashion into your everyday life between work and leisure, because the pieces by Balenciaga fit into any outfit as eye catchers and bring that special something. Every look can be upgraded by combining an accessory from Balenciaga. Simply make more of your wardrobe by treating yourself to one or the other luxury item.

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