"I'm not afraid of heights, did you see my shoes !?" Carrie Bradshaw speaks to us from the soul. Sure, pumps are a must, but why shouldn't the heel be a little wider? You can also fly high with wedges, in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. With our designer wedges you ensure an outstanding appearance!

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Stylish and perfect fit as good as our service

Sure, first of all, wedges should reflect your taste and please you. But also the fit and the fit of the items are crucial for an undisturbed pleasure with your new shoes. After all, nothing is more annoying than when your shoes squeeze or are too big. That is why we offer you a wide range of sizes as well as services such as:

  • Accurate size charts so you can find the right sizes.
  • Care instructions from our partner shops for long-lasting enjoyment of your shoes.
  • Photos and descriptions of all items: which model, which sizes, vintage, second hand, which collection, which designer designed the shoes etc.
  • Price comparison options: on our platform you can compare the different providers and articles and find the best prices for your favorite shoes.

Discover PRELUV, where fashion dreams come true at affordable prices. Browse online and search in peace for your dream wedges, which you can easily order.

PRELUV loves designer fashion and shoes as much as you do. We understand your passion for fashion and shoes - after all, we share it.

A win for every outfit - our wedges

For summer dress. To the pencil skirt. To jeans. To the winter coat. Wedges go with pretty much any outfit and provide that little something extra. Our mothers loved the wedge heels of their shoes in the 1970s. If you can no longer find what you are looking for in Mama’s shoe cabinet, you should look for designer fashion and wedges in our shop. We offer you a huge selection of vintage and second-hand models, which are also raved about by those who liked to wear wedge heels 40 years ago.

Inexpensive designer models from Miu Miu to Christian Loboutin to Strenesse are waiting for a new home in your shoe cabinet. We offer you the most beautiful shoes with wedges for every taste. Surf at PRELUV and find cork wedges or raffia, sandals, models with laces or with buckles, in bright colors or in classic tones.

Reduced models await you in the sale, of course in the best quality and in excellent condition. No matter whether elegant or rocking, colorful or plain - our wedges showcase your feet and make every outfit complete. Benefit from our selection and our low prices and order your favorite models online!

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