"I was never under pressure. I don't know stress either. I only know rhinestones. ”Who else could say this fitting sentence for all jewelry lovers than Iconee Karl Lagerfeld. A jewelry collector like us. Because jewelry adorns. And turns a simple outfit with just a brooch, chain, bracelet, finger ring or earring itself into a piece of jewelry. This does not have to be expensive.

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Shines like our jewelry: The PRELUV service for your selection

The right color, the desired precious metal - even against allergies and intolerances, the certificate of authenticity of a designer piece ... with jewelry there are many things that are decisive for the purchase in addition to the design. Especially when it comes to vintage jewelry. We at PRELUV know this and offer with our partners exactly the service you want for your jewelry purchase:

  • Detailed size charts and dimensions so that the piece of jewelry really adorns you.
  • Photos including detailed pictures and detailed descriptions of the selected pieces of jewelry, the quality of which convinced our partner shops.
  • Convenient model and price comparison on one platform, across many shops.
  • Return guarantee, shouldn't it be your new piece of jewelry.

PRELUV loves vintage jewelry. And PRELUV loves jewelry lovers. Connoisseurs like you.

A well-filled jewelry box: must have for every fashionista

Count through: How many pieces of jewelry do you have at home? How many are you wearing right now? Are you a jewelry lover who wears a ring on each finger, combines styles, decorates more than two ear holes with gold, silver, pearls or glass stones? With long chains around your neck, a charm bracelet on your wrist and of course a decorated brooch on your lapel?

Or are you more of a fan of subtle jewelry. The deliberate use of a single piece, handmade by a goldsmith? With precious stones or a delicate chasing to highlight the precious metal even more.

We cannot all have enough jewelry. It literally gives us a shiny appearance. In the office, in the opera, at the party - and also as a gift. A selected vintage piece of jewelry for your birthday? A dream. Designer jewelry affordable because second hand? The perfect bargain. At PRELUV we know this ... and therefore open the jewelry boxes for vintage and second-hand jewelry from the best online shops on this page. Let yourself glitter ....

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