"A good speech is like a bikini - close enough to be exciting, but covering all the essential points", says John F. Kennedy. The legendary President of the USA has thus spoken a true word: It is precisely this mediocrity between presenting and concealing that swimwear must find. Then bikini, swimsuit and co. become the perfect companion on the beach and pool.

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Bathing and swimming in style

Swimwear is more than just sportswear. Because matching bikinis, swimsuits or tankinis turn the beach and pool into your personal catwalk. PRELUV helps you find the right swimwear for you, which both fits perfectly and  has the very special look of the hip designers. Because a swimsuit or bikini is also a fashion item. On this portal you can find the best beach outfit for you, if you start your search at Vintage or Sale for a few €. Because here:

  • you will find high-quality designer fashion
  • the coolest labels are gathered together
  • shopping is cheap and uncomplicated.

Second Hand and Vintage are the magic words if you are looking for the latest trends. Because high-quality branded fashion does not have to be expensive, especially if you use our price calculator, which clearly presents the coveted luxury items at a reasonable price. Find the matching swimwear from limited collections with that certain touch of exclusivity. And you'll already be in possession of a hip designer piece that will make you shine on the beach and pool.

Beachwear: more than design

Swimwear isn't that easy. Because bikinis, swimsuits and co. have to meet different standards at the same time. Swimwear and underwear should look good, that's obvious. The fashion designers of big brands and high-quality labels make sure of that, creating the right summer look. Playful details, romantic designs or rather sporty-chic? Designer fashion leaves nothing to be desired and has the right thing for every taste. Because when it comes to design, the motto is: Allowed is what pleases.

But designers are also aware that their products need to be functional. Particularly in swimwear, the way it fits is just as important as the look, because after all, the body shapes should be optimally presented. As different as the figures are, as individual is the swimwear. With bikini tops alone, all women will find the right article: Push up, with hangers or as a bandeau, large sizes or as a tankini that conceals the centre of the body? Every woman has different demands on her very individual bikini, which the successful designers always take into account. At the major fashion brands, every woman can discover for herself how to become the very star of the beach. And once the shape, material and cut are right, the current collections are guaranteed to offer the right look for beach and pool.


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