The best pieces from the luxury label Cartier

"Jewelry watches are mainly worn by women," says Renaud Lestringant, Managing Director at Cartier. Cartier's exclusive collections, which have luxury watches for men and women, prove that this does not have to stay that way. Cartier exudes the usual timeless elegance and ensures an absolute fashion statement on the wrist. Because Cartier is more than accessories.

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More than just a watch

What Louis Cartier had created in collaboration with the aviation pioneer Albertos Santos Dumont revolutionized the fashion world. Originally conceived as a pilot's wrist watch, the newly designed Cartier wristwatch quickly conquered the world and set special standards for luxury. You can bring this luxury to your home at a reasonable price if you fall back on the PRELUV offers. This online shop has the best designer fashion from the big brands for you:

  • Unique pieces new and cheap on sale
  • High quality second hand for a little €
  • Vintage collectibles

You can rely on the fact that you will find the best offer using the price calculator and that you can get a precise picture with the detailed article description. Especially if you are looking for a part that is no longer available as a collector's item in Germany in 2016, you will find it here. Wristwatches, jewelry and accessories from the Cartier luxury label can now be ordered and bought at the click of a mouse. Nobility your wardrobe here with designer clothes and valuable accessories.

The feeling of luxury

Cartier is not just a label, Cartier is a way of life that stands for a mixture of luxury, elegance and style - which of course is reflected in every watch and in every piece of jewelry. These days it is no longer just about the classic made of gold: steel is also processed every year into fantastic jewelry and watch collections that leave nothing to be desired in terms of style.

Cartier: design as a classic

When you think of Cartier, icons of fashion art immediately come to mind. After all, Cartier stands for a very specific look. A classic of elegance is Cartier Tank as a simple, elegant wristwatch. As a wristwatch, Pasha also fits into the categories of high-quality, elegant men's watches. Panthère is certainly a household name for women: the jewelry line with the panther as a motif is available in opulent shapes, from particularly elaborate design to simple design. In any case, the big cat ennobles every outfit with its captivating look. For lovers, Cartier Love offers itself with romantic partner jewelry, which sometimes appear simple and noble, sometimes romantic-playful or particularly stylish.

All pieces by Cartier impress with their very special something in style, elegance and design. Such a designer piece simply gives every outfit the touch of luxury.

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