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"Fashion is impermanent, style never." This is how the great Coco Chanel outlined the essence of designer fashion, because at this point the fashion designer appears and gives the clothing the very special style that everyone wants to feel in their outfit. The trendy fashion designers combine fashion with style and make the look immortal.

Here you will find some selected trend brands and trendy designer labels. From "Alexander McQueen" to "Yves Saint Laurent", everything a fashionista's heart desires.


Hip designers in the PRELUV vintage shop

If you are looking for the hottest fashion from the hottest designers, PRELUV is the place for you. Because here you will find everything you are looking for in design for your wardrobe. The area of vintage and second hand is a real insider tip. Because here you will not only find the style of the big fashion designers for little money, but you can also use their style to emphasize your individuality. Here you will also find the pieces from past collections that are not commercially available and therefore already have cult status. Simply choose your own personal fashion style:

  • Unique items reduced in the sale
  • Lovers parts Second Hand
  • Big brands for little money

That is the secret of vintage fashion. The style of the fashion designers, which not everyone has, is special in every look. Give your personal style with a few vintage pieces of your wardrobe. Intelligent functions such as the automatic price comparison and the size table ensure that you can find your personal style quickly and easily. The world of fashion designers is open to you.

Shoes and accessories: big names, great looks

The style of the fashion designers exerts a special magic on the fashion fans. Because there is something special and unmistakable about the look. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Cartier and Yves Saint Laurent stand for the classic, noble image of a fashion with a touch of luxury and elegance. Givenchy, Gucci, Christian Dior - here you immediately see the distinctive style that makes fashion immortal. Other fashion designers are brand names for avant-garde and innovations in fashion styles, think of the designers Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood, the legendary fashion designer for the extraordinary. Here you will find that certain something that also gives your wardrobe a great design.

The fashion fairs in Paris, New York and Berlin show again and again what fashion design is also possible for shoes and accessories. Burberry, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Fendi represent the premier class by offering innovative designs for shoes, bags and accessories. And what would the fashion world be without designer shoes by Jimmy Choo, Prada, Miu Miu, Louboutin and Marc Jacobs? Equipped with a few designer parts, every fashion fan can feel like they are on the catwalk, because he has the flair of the big fashion names.

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