"I'm going to town now and buying something for a sore throat. Shoes or something. ”Carry Bradshaw speaks to us from the soul. Except for the “or something”, but we stumble over that. Or sneak away. On the quiet soles of our ballerinas. Well laced or pulled over the knees. In any case, always well maintained.

Shoes have to be taken care of - and so will our customers

Real shoe lovers know this. No pair of shoes can wait for the next walk without a shoe tree. Dirt is removed directly, leather is gently cared for, greased, made to shine and ornamental stones, patterns and of course the heel are always taken care of. Designer high heels as well as trendy sneakers. More popular than ever in vintage design. This is how you enjoy your new pair of second hand shoes for a long time - and how you take care of your shoes, we put a lot of passion into the service for our customers:

  • Detailed size chart so that your dream shoe fits like a glove.
  • Care instructions in the information of our partner shops.
  • Information about the vintage level, brand, designer and of course also the collection.
  • Photos including detailed pictures and detailed descriptions of the selected models.
  • Practical price comparison for a shoe model: You can compare many shops directly on our platform.
  • Return guarantee, should the shoe press.

PRELUV loves vintage shoes. And PRELUV loves shoe collectors. Because we are like you.

Every woman's hero: the inventor of shoes

Do not worry, there will be no treatise on prehistory and the first shoes in human history - because you are surfing on what is probably the most modern online platform for designer vintage shoes. Here you will truly find everything your heart desires - shoes, boots, sandals, loafers, sneakers, pumps, lace-up shoes ... we would like to say to complete your shoe cabinet, but we know better: No woman can click past a pair of Louboutins and just let this opportunity pass. Jimmy Choo? Vintage? From the out of stock collection? At such an affordable price? Exactly ... we all buy these shoes. Because that's what they're made for. To prepare the way for us. To draw attention to our feet. For our perfect appearance. Literally. Complete your shoe cabinet with PRELUV, because here you will find shoes from the best designers in one size, waiting for you in size in the online shops of our partners in the sale.

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