Terms of use - PRELUV

1. General provisions

The company Prelovee GmbH "Prelovee", registered in the Munich Commercial Register under number 222 123, identified under the intra-Community VAT number. DE815596877 with registered office in Hamburg (20457), Hongkongstr. 7, manages the website preluv.de, which can be accessed via the address https://www.preluv.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). The PRELUV page connects online shops and online platforms in the second-hand clothing sector with potential buyers who want to buy fashion and accessories in the vintage clothing sector (used articles). Prelovee GmbH, “Prelovee”, provides end users “users” with free product and service information “offers” from third-party companies “partner sites” on the website (www.preluv.de) “service”. The website acts as an intermediary between the partner sites and the users. Therefore, PRELUV is not responsible for disputes and legal ambiguities between the buyer, partner side and seller. In the event of a dispute, PRELUV can try to contribute to the agreement of both websites or parties as best as possible. Furthermore, in all cases of the right of return, liability for defects, purchase processing, shipping, payment terms or complaints and any issues related to the purchase or sale process, the respective partner sites are responsible for your offers, users and products. PRELUV assumes no guarantee and guarantee here, since these are offers from third parties.

2. Prices and timeliness of the information

Under normal circumstances, the prices on PRELUV are the gross final prices and therefore include VAT. Additional shipping costs may apply. This depends on the respective partner site on which an article is to be purchased, and, depending on the partner site, the sales and shipping conditions mentioned. These can also vary between the different providers of offers on the different partner sites. These are to be checked independently by the user and PRELUV assumes no liability for this. PRELUV always endeavors to ensure that the prices displayed and availability of the offers are as up-to-date and correct as possible. We are constantly updating our information and are always working on our performance. Nevertheless, the prices on the partner sites can change constantly, and their availability can change quickly due to the nature of the business model. At the moment it is also not possible for technical reasons to obtain the information and data from the partner pages in real time, so we apologize if the information, prices or availability on the partner pages have changed and the information and details on PRELUV no longer appear are up to date.

3. Offers and contractual relationships

PRELUV only provides information from partner sites to its users. The partner sites and also PRELUV manage and operate their website and websites completely independently of each other. PRELUV basically distances itself from the content and links of the partner sites that are associated with PRELUV. In this regard, PRELUV has no influence on the content, design and information displayed there of the partner sites and their linked pages and sub-pages. PRELUV reserves the right to add, change, adapt or delete content or offers without prior notice and reasons. If necessary, the publication of the content can also be temporarily or completely stopped. The offers and articles shown on PRELUV are not PRELUV offers. There is no contractual agreement between the user of PRELUV and PRELUV itself regarding the offers presented on PRELUV. Contracts of any kind through acquisition or the like arise exclusively between the user and the respective partner site. Therefore, we refer here to the associated general terms and conditions of the respective partner site, which applies here. If a user is interested in buying or is generally interested in an offer, PRELUV redirects directly to the partner site, to the origin of the offer concerned. Before concluding a contract with a PRELUV partner site, the user is responsible for checking all the information that is important for him and the contract and for checking that the information provided by the partner shop is up to date and correct. All information on the purchase price is particularly emphasized here.

4. Data protection rights

As already mentioned, PRELUV is a metasearch engine for second-hand clothing and accessories, which means that PRELUV only acts as an intermediary. All information, texts, data and other contents of the internet pages connected by PRELUV enjoy copyright protection according to the copyright law. Reproduction, distribution and processing in whole or in part are only permitted with the written consent of PRELUV. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, editing, public disclosure and / or public reproduction constitutes a copyright infringement and will be prosecuted by copyright. PRELUV also advises the user that the logos, brands, company names and product names are also legally protected and that illegal copying and use will result in legal prosecution. All information made available to the user on PRELUV is purely for the user's private purposes. The latter is not authorized to download the offers to a device (tablet, PC, smartphone, hard drives, etc.). Printing the offers or content on PRELUV is only permitted in extreme emergencies and only for private use. These may only be passed on to third parties to a limited extent, also exclusively to private individuals. Any kind of business use and content used for business purposes and printouts of the website and the content of PRELUV are prohibited and excluded.

5. Warranty claims

PRELUV`s aim and aim is to present only high quality, correct and legally perfect offers. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the completeness, correctness, timeliness and quality of the offers on PRELUV, as PRELUV is a purely mediation and aggregation website. In addition, PRELUV cannot guarantee whether the offers were actually purchased at the prices and conditions stated. PRELUV is always keen to keep our service and our offer error-free, without faults or problems and always up to date. However, we reserve the right to determine the time we need and the time we have to correct technical problems, bugs and inaccuracies. We also cannot guarantee the functionality, quality, timeliness and error-free appearance of our partner sites, as well as programs, software or systems that do not belong to PRELUV.

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