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Selling for new closet space? Of course! But where can you sell which brands best?
We will give you an overview of the best way to find a new home for your former favourite pieces.
All marketplaces, online shops and partners are summarized here for you at a glance.

Online Shops

For true Louis Vuitton fans, BoldVintage is a paradise. The shop is specialized in the label with the monogram and is your first option for the brand.
Model: Purchase
Costs: none
Focus: Louis Vuitton
Ebay is the classic in private sales. As on any marketplace, each product must be described and uploaded individually.
Model: Marketplace
Costs: 10% fee
Focus: any brand
FASH BACK is a pure buyer who does not have his own online shop, but sells on market places or has less well-preserved clothing recycled.
Model: Purchase
Costs: none, high discount on from the retail price
Focus: Highstreet Brands
Luck & Glamour is the Mecca for everything around Chanel, MCM and Louis Vuitton. You can choose whether your pieces are to be sold in the shop or online.
Model: Commissions
Costs: 35% commission + 25/35€ handling fee
Focus: Chanel, MCM, Louis Vuitton
One of the best known platforms for private sales is Kleiderkreisel. Here you just have to be aware that your pieces are not checked for authenticity.
Model: Marketplace
Costs: 0.70 EUR + 4% fee
Focus: exclusive designers
Mädchenflohmarkt offers a more upscale environment for private sales and has a concierge service for its customers.
Model: Marketplace, Commission
Costs: 10% - 40% commission
Focus: any brand
With Rebelle, you have the choice of selling by yourself, as on Vestiaire Collective, or using the Concierge Service and sending in your pieces.
Modell: Marketplace, Commission
Kosten: min. 18%
Fokus: Trend and designer brands
Second-hand in a bag. With Remix you order a REmix Bag, fill it with the well preserved pieces and send it to the shop for free.
Model: Purchase
Costs: none
Focus: Highstreet Brands
The primeval rock of Second-Hand in Hamburg buys different trend and designer brands locally or via mail order.
Model: Purchase, commission
Costs: 55% commission
Focus: Trend and designer brands
Not only Second-Hand, but also Charity is capitalized at seenbefore. Sales proceeds can be donated to 100% to charity projects.
Model: Commission
Costs: 40% commission
Focus: Selected designers
Via the Momox-Fashion page ubup buys probably the widest assortment. You get direct information about purchase and price conditions for your pieces.
Model: Purchase
Costs: none, also big discount from retail price
Focus: Highstreet Marken
Vestiaire Collective is the largest worldwide designer marketplace where you can sell your pieces yourself.
Modell: Marketplace
Kosten: 30% commission
Fokus: all designer brands
Setting up your pieces for video dressing can be done easily via the app. Your pieces will end up directly between Chanel, Levi's or Chloé.
Model: Marketplace
Costs: 15% commission
Focus: all designer brands
Under the purchasing platform "Buddy&Selly" you can sell everything around trend and designer brands or bring them directly to Hamburg.
Model: Purchase
Costs: none, high discount on from the retail price
Focus:   Trend and designer brands
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