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Stephanie, Founder - Fashion & Finance Expert

PRELUV Team - Stephanie

Growing up on a Bavarian farm, Stephanie was already drawn into the world of fashion during her school days. Besides school, she worked as a model and, to satisfy her hunger for fashion, in an upscale women's clothing store. She then regularly passed on her preloved clothes at flea markets, while at the same time she was always looking for great and unique vintage pieces herself.

Stephanie completed her studies in International Management almost exclusively abroad - combining studies, career and experience: Australia, Scotland, France, Spain, Ireland and Argentina. She has not only brought back memories, but first-hand fashion knowledge: the colourful influences of South American culture, the grunge style of the Irish and Scots, the elegant chic of French women and the urban casual style of Australians...

After her master's degree, Stephanie worked as an account manager at Google in Ireland, where she was responsible for clients' online marketing strategies and spent her free time in the exceptionally well-stocked Irish second-hand shops.

After years abroad, Stephanie moved back to Munich in 2013, where she worked at Ernst & Young in transaction consulting for e-commerce, internet and tech companies.

Stephanie's permanent search for great second-hand clothing, whether trend brands or designer labels and for the next perfect vintage piece, made PRELUV go from an idea to her own company, which now combines all her experience, her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for fashion.

Swantje, Co-FOUNDER – Marketing EXPERT

PRELUV Team - Swantje

Swantje is co-founder of PRELUV and responsible for marketing and communication.

Swantje has always followed the path of fashion and lifestyle. she also worked in a fashion store in her hometown in Northern Germany during her school days. During her studies in International Management she discovered the FMCG world and worked for Coty Beauty as well as Campari, before the path brought her back to the fashion world at LLOYD Shoes after her studies. At LLOYD, Swantje managed the Trade Marketing & E-Commerce department and completed an extra-occupational Master's degree in Marketing before joining the PRELUV family.

But not only fashion has accompanied Swantje until now:  international experiences and inspirations she gained during her work and studies on all continents - African colourfulness, Chinese simplicity, American coolness and South American joy,  have made Swantje the specialist in marketing diversity and fashion she is today.

The team behind Stephanie and Swantje: The Techies, Number Cruncher and Fashion Watcher

Stephanie and Swantje are actively supported in their goal to make PRELUV accessible to all vintage fashion addicts and also to inspire everyone else for second-hand fashion. Experienced web developers can fully live out their passion for codes and algorithms at PRELUV. Strategists and financial specialists support in all questions concerning strategic orientation and budgeting. And Fashion Watcher, as we call them. Fashion experts and editors, SEO specialists and social media fanatics, account managers and marketing gurus...they all write, program, phone and shape PRELUV every day.

You want to be part of the team too? In the "Career" section you will find current job offers.

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